Kiefer (rouge)-M3

Signification du prénom : celui qui est aimé - beloved
Pronociation : Kie fer
Le monsieur a la patoune blanche
, le grand charmeur et bisouteur. Il aime aussi sa solitude

Il vit en Suisse avec Kennan,Kiefer est un peu timide, mais Kennan et Franziska l'aident à devenir un deerhound très courageux.
il nous a écrit une gentille lettre

Letter from Kiefer to Isolde and Hinney

Dear Mummy and Daddy
Since we live with Franziska we have a lot of fun, but also a lot of new things and situations to learn. I take my time to learn, but in the meantime I've become much braver. Today I was the first to put the paws in this big and cold lake and I was the first who went on the metal gangway. Franziska was very proud of me....oh I love her, she massages my ears and this I adore. I tell her with a lot of different grunting noises how much I like it. We met some ducks today, they make funny noises, but I would have liked to chase them. I adore to run and I am very proud that Kennan has no chance of following me around the garden cabin or around the trampolin. Today Franziska announced, that tomorrow it is my turn to go on a short walk alone. I am not sure what I shall think about that, but she promised if it is to stressy we will go back home straight away.
I am going to sleep now, it was a very exciting morning for me. Oh I almost forget to tell about this elderly very big dog with the wonderful blue eyes we met this morning. He was very nice, but first I was a little bit afraid. But I let him have a sniff and then he allowed me to lick his mouth and have a sniff too.
Byebye, Kiefer

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