Kennan (Bordeau)- M6

Prononciation : ken nan
Signification du prénom : wise le sage

Un monsieur très puissant , qui sait se faire déjà comprendre, mais calme et réfléchi
C'est notre explorateur et notre bisouteur pour le moment / It's our explorateur and kisser at the moment

Kennan vit en Suisse avec Kiefer, il l'aide énormément et ils ont vraiment une relation très intense c'est pourquoi je suis contente qu'ils vivent ensemble
Il nous a lui aussi écrit une gentille lettre

Letter from Kennan to Isolde and Hinney:

Dear Mummy and Daddy
This morning we were at the lake, in the port of Landeron. It was great fun. I was in the lake like the big dogs and we met an old Alaskan Malamute. He didn't want to play with me, but he let me have a good sniff. We walked on the pier and we saw a lot of ducks......oh I would have liked to chase them, but in the port dogs have to stay on the lead. Later we walked on the gangway to the ship...only there was no ship around, but Franziska promised us, that we will soon go on a ship. Once a week she takes me alone for a walk, this is great fun too, but I like it more with Kiefer. We have a lot of fun together.
She feeds us interesting food, I adore the chicken throats, but first we always have to eat those vegetables. If only she would understand that we don't need vegetables to grow big and strong, but she won't understand listen.
Now I am really tired, I will write another day, promise.
Wuff, wuff Kennan


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